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Hey! Let’s take a break from the routine and dive into creativity and out of box thinking. There’s a lot more to Viraasat postcards than just their primary usages, did you know that? Apart from being perfect and thoughtful souvenirs and message conveyers, these theme based postcards can inspire art and craft. Thereby, these versatile and informative postcards can pass on India’s pride and legacy in some of the most ingenious ways. 

So, come on. Check out these 5 ways of getting creative with Viraasat postcards and go on inventing more on your own!

#1 - Create a collage

Adbhuta, Shashwat or Manohara - collect postcards from your favorite Viraasat collection. Cut these thematic postcards aesthetically as per your artistic sense. Organize them in a visually appealing manner on a hardboard, cardboard, canvas or any other workable base of your choice. Add other materials like threads, glitter, mirror, paper, sticks etc if you feel like! Glue it all down well, let it dry and, TA DA!

#2 - Make a unique looking garland

Remember those Tibetan garlands that people flaunt after visiting Ladakh?  Take a different route and create your own unique   garlands with Viraasat postcards! Collect the postcards, punch a hole at their top corners and string them together using a thread, twine or ribbon. Hang this freshly made garland in your room, car, or across a window or on the desk wall. Spirituality, art, culture, architecture and more – let your garland spread the vibes of the various legacies of India.

#3 - Create a picture frame

Viraasat postcards are so difficult to part ways with even after they are used. Blame it to their quirky graphics and aesthetics! You don’t really want to discard them ever.  Instead, pick an empty photo frame, choose your favorite Viraasat postcard from various collections available and display it in there in style. You can also keep changing them in the frame if you own more than one of our postcards.

#4 - Create puzzles for kids

Here’s a  cool and instant way of making kids interested in Indian culture, history and heritage. Cut Viraasat postcards in medium sized or jigsaw-like pieces. Get the children sit down during a play date and let them bond over reassembling these puzzle pieces. Once the puzzle is assembled, offer them an interactive session where you educate them a little about what the postcard displays on its cover side and let them ask question about the same.

#5 - Create wall art

Choose your preferred Viraasat postcard and try to draw it on an art paper. To add the vibrancy, try coloring the drawing with water or acrylic colors. If the artist within you is up for something even better, try to paint it on a canvas. Let your art flow and paint it in your own distinct way. Frame it once it is finished, display it in your own personal space and feel its charm livening up the room.


You can shop Viraasat’s theme based postcards from e-commerce platforms like and Shopify. You may also place your order through our official website. We accept retail individual order as well as corporate and bulk orders. We also offer personalization for bulk and corporate orders. Feel free to get in touch with Team Viraasat for more information and assistance.

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